1000.Finding the jeans you want but not having the size you need

In times with the holidays, you are just crossing off on your lists of lists and suddenly there it is!  Gleaming from across the store that item that you’ve always wanted, those pair of jeans you saw in the window display and it’s calling you.  Where did the sunlight come from?! Even moreso, how did the sounds of “AHHHHHHHH!!!!…” come across the loud sound system and no one seems to care?!

That’s alright because everyone has frozen in the store and it’s you and those miraculous jeans you really weren’t in the mood for buying, but hey it’s the holidays I can treat myself to one thing right?  Well, not exactly. Now as you frantically sift through the various styles of jeans and then finding the exact style only to realize that they don’t have your size – the ones you need.

So as that ever-so-perky attendant comes up to you, “Do you need any help?!”  Yes, why yes I do!  You hand them the jeans and ask them if they have it in your size.  They go to the back of the store and wait..

And wait…

And wait even more….

Fidgeting around you think they must have gone to the factory and made them back there by hand, really what gives?!

Shortly they return chipper as ever and with a light skip to smile so widely and tell you.  “Sorry but we don’t have any in that size and I’ve tried all the local stores and they don’t have any either.”  As you stand there meagerly disappointed they throw on the added point,” But we have it in a shade darker!”

As if the shade darker will help you in this moment of excitement, oh well…back to the holiday shopping…

Now how awful is that?


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