999. Having to use the stall no one wants

So you’re at you’re local multiplex movie theater 32 and the movie has just let out and you’ve been holding your pee for what seemed like forever!  You excuse yourself past the crowd nearly wanting to knock everyone down became one more step is a minutes from a Niagra Falls personal experience.

As you approach the restroom it seems like everyone must have had lots of water cause they just ALL have to go at the same time!  So man rule dictates that:

A)you keep one stall between you and the estranged person in there if there are multiple stalls or

B) you just the toilet stall if there is two stalls and no divider.

So unfortunately in this scenario none of the options are available sans the wall and there is only one stall available.  In an utter rush to take the stall before someone goes over there you rush to the stall and proceed to handle business.  Exert the cough and you stare at the wall not to look suspicious.

When you finish the cough, you look down only to notice that the someone has  stuffed the urinal with toilet paper but left you a little nuglet as if the sheer shock hasn’t gotten to you by now the wet floor spot that you now occupy has just amplified the moment.

Now is the time to push forward with a quick flush, wash of the hands, steady walk out of the area, and a mental note to drink less of that large soda that you got at the concession stand.

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Now how awful is that?


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