997. Finding a rare item on sale and it doesn’t register

Although it is fascinating to parooze the newly debuted items that are on display at the storeshop windows or in the circular ads, but we all know that we head straight to the clearance because face it, it always is good to have a great feeling of saving 60-70%.

What’s even better is when you go back and rummage through the sales rack/bin and you happen to find:

A) Walmart: go to the $5 movie bin at 3:00 a.m. will you find strange people who will conversate with you about the movies and the bin and as you dig in the bin (like the bad carnival claw game) you manage to randomly pick up absurd titles such as:

World Of Suzie Wong, The (Widescreen)Simple Life Season Five: Goes To Camp, The (Full Frame)From Justin To Kelly (Full Frame, Widescreen)Hoodwinked (Exclusive) (Widescreen)

and the sad thing is you sadly look around hoping no one sees you and hide it in your grocery cart next to the anti-aging serum and tucks pads.

B) Old Navy: The world of so many great sales, you’d swear everyday is a sale they have going on!  What’s even worse is when you have to rummage through a pile of clothes that just $5.

NOT AN EVERYDAY DRESS: Satisfying a desire for romance and storybook styles, the public browsed and bought at Angels theatrical costumers.

C) TJ Maxx/Marshalls: They have a great clearance section, but why must they insist on putting a giant red sticker tag on the dishes, cups and napkins?! and Why must every package must have the sale oddly placed in the middle of the item that can never wash off all the way when you take it home?!

View Image

As puzzled as we are with these 3 primary choices of stores…how is it that when we are eager to check out that the prices never match up at the register?  Then the attendant informs you that they have to get a manager to assist cause they’re new and don’t know how to void the charge.

As you stand there a bit disgruntled, don’t worry there is a long live of people waiting behind you.

Thanks, now the culprit for holding up the line. :: sigh ::View Image

It’s okay Paris, it’s not like we’re trying to buy your movie or anything!

Now how awful is that?!


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