988. You are grocery shopping and the aisle stalls

submitted by Cole W.

“when you go to Wal-Mart for like ONE thing and you expect to get in and out…and there is always like 5 million people trying to look at what you are looking at that is something I really can’t stand. I like to move at a fast pace when I’m shopping and people get in the way everytime…never fails”

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It’s time to do groceries and in the madness of the Walmart world where prices are proclaimed to be lower than street market fair, you can’t help but get a bargain.  As you go to the aisle where you need those granola bars, apparently all these people are at the same shelf.  I know it’s about to be a new year, but seriously not everyone is on a health kick!

Lady why must who walk slow and scan the nutrition facts?  Move along please.. what’s worse is when you’re blocked across the other side of the aisle at someone scanning the options and thinking.  So you go back and follow the slow mozier cart lady then she STOPS and turns around, nice!

Now how awful is that?!


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