990. Forgetting someone’s name after being inroduced to them 2 minutes ago

You’re at a holiday function and as informal as it is everyone is doing the rounds making nice and shaking hands.  As you wander the scene you see a crowd of people laughing and you decide to go over and make friends.  As you catch the eye of one person in the group you introduce yourself and then pretty much hit it off.  You laugh, you flirt, you laugh some more!

View ImageA network of conversation amongst the crowd had spread into small clusters of cross conversation and you realize the friends you came by were off on the other side of the room.  As you move with the person across the room while engaging in conversation you introduce the person to the group and then stall… Oh crap,  I forgot their name! so as they are looking at you, the person you just conversed half your life away with just seems a bit peeved then it hits you.  “Carla, everyone this is Carla”  and all seems cool and calm.  Then you realize she smiles and then introduces herself “Hello everyone, it’s actually “Melissa”.  Nice to meet you all!”  So close but oh so far away!

Now how awful is that?!


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