992. Regifting the gift to someone who knows

So when we open that gift of gifts (the one we could care oh so less for) we just do the kindest thing we can do and  sigh and give a cheesy smile to those around us and the person who gave us the gift.  They berate the moment as they ongoingly explain their uncertainty of what to give you at the same time they are awaiting your response.  So you take a deep breath and sigh and say “Awwwwww…thanks! You shouldn’t have!”

Note the key words: “You shouldn’t have”

Go to fullsize imageTo make it even better is when you decide to wait a month or so when one of your friends in your circle of acquaintances has a birthday.  As you get invited not knowing what to give them you regift that horrid present you received on the holiday before.  As they open it you try to hope that they forgot you got it first.  They reply, “Oh just like the one you have!  How awesome!”

So as the day progresses and you’re all hanging out you happen to run into the friend who bought you the gist and as you’re all laughing they reach in their bag and share with your friend, “Look at what I got isn’t it just great?!”

Then you see the startled look of realization that what they are holding up is what they gave to you a few months back…

Now how awful is that?!


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