993. When a text message just doesn’t pan out in predictions

Go to fullsize imageIn this day and age where texting is quicker than writing a letter to say hello and warm thoughts, we’ve become so hooked on texting that yesterday when walking in a 6-10 step distance in the mall I saw 8 people texting and 1 person nearly walk into someone.

But in the moments where a quick salutation goes wrong and the message comes out to your friends and it reads like this:

“We still going the park is still open I say giggus when we drove by the park…”

“Ha ha ha did they like it?  Did your bro use the “it’s been a while” line? I calvay learned a new rape game.  I’ll have to show ya when ya get back…”

“Hey bussy how are you doin’?  Wanna gang out?”

“Can we get a coffee makes in the office with the bookshelf?  It’ll be le bitro patches!”

from TLN.com (see below) “dude, this chick has 3-ply toilet paper. wiped my ass with a cloud.”

just be careful what ya send I don’t think you want to get a “huh?” reply when you have to log back into your outbox and see what weirdness that was sent out…

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Now how awful is that?!

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