986. Bad experience at the airport shoe check

With heightened security abound and ever-growing at the airports, we have now grown accustomed to the ever-so-famous shoe check.  After nearly taking every metal article conceived on our body.  We are then called over for the shoe check.

As we take off our shoes it is then it hits us:

* I forgot to put on socks: don’t attempt to cover the fact that you didn’t clip your eagle toe nails now as you perch them from obscurity.

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* You wore your those smelly of shoes: they let off the odors of a 1000 funks, I think the guard will quickly pass those up.

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* You forgot your laundry: having mismatch socks with polka dots and stripes are never a healthy last-minute choice.

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* Shoes in disarray: ensure that your shoes are still in tact, floppy loose shoes are definitely not good comfort when the guard has to duct tape them back together just to hand it back to you in one piece.

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* Dirty, dingy, dank: wear a pair that’s not for gardening projects.  No one wants to scape dirt off your shoes for a quick check.

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So stand your ground or else you’ll be one step behind with these guards.

Now how awful is that?!


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