984. When your ties always ends up uneven

Thanks from the inspirational call from Frankie C.

“Don’t ya just find it annoying when you’re getting dressed in the morning and every time you put together your tie it always comes out uneven?”

As described above it’s always those morning for us non morning people who struggle to be awake and have to battle our dress shirts for those office meetings, fine dining dates, graduations, or other miscellaneous formal wear functions we come with the sultry lambada of arranging the tie.

One might think. o O (well why don’t you just keep it hanging our your tie rack already assembled?  or Why not buy tie clip ons?) No because they jumble up closet space and No because they look cheap and tacky.

The tricky part are as follows:

The Right Width: Getting the right width for the right moment can be just as fine there are the “fat” neck, the “slim” modern neck, the “skinny” vintage tie.

Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image Narrow neckties sage green poly silk blend 2-inch 3/4 width (7 cm) 58 inches length- 2002 ties Go to fullsize image

Picking the right width is important because more modern style usually go for the “slim” contemporary look whereas the “fat” can be a bit stuffy for some business-older generation types and the skinny for yuppie-teen generations.

The Right Design & Color: Picking the right type of design and color can really set the mood for the occasion you are attending.  It’s usually best to go with plain solid and simple designs.

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The wilder cartoon and bold abstract designs those are more for novelty moments and to be hidden in the closet for the right moment.

The Right Knot: There is the “4 in Hand”, “Half Windsor”, “The Full Windsor”, & “Pratt Knot”

(Half-Windsor); Just figuring out the technicalities of tying a knot and the time and sheer perfection it takes to get the tie knot right and not bulky is a riddle itself.

The Right Length: One of the most complicated yet frustrating part after getting all of the decisions made is making sure that when you’re done folding the tie that it ends up at a good length.  Meaning, the back half that lies behind the main portion of the tie does not “overhang” the front then you have a tacky job and have to retie the knot again.

The Right Tie Accessory: Polishing off the right tie comes the tie bar/clip/tack to hold the tie in place and also the tie lock to secure the tie to your shirt.  These small touches can put a little more boost in your presentation.

main image_____________________________________________________

So if you can master all of this, you’re good – Quick Tips for Tie Mastery:

1. Teach your young boy/teen early; and yes girls should learn too

2. Take your time and learn more than one knot.

3. Figure out which color tie looks best and play with the looks at the store

4. Stay away from crazy-bold designs one or two novelty ties are okay.

5. Practice and be patient, it’s a bit tough at first but you’ll get it down!

So now you’re done and ready, now you realize that the tie has no holder in the back and will flap around all day and you just spilled your morning coffee on it!

Now how awful is that?!

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