983. When you thought your name was special

Yeah so as cool as it is to even have a unique name and then find the meaning of your name, you’d think ok cool who else could be named like me? Until the one day at your job there is another staff member who shares the name name as you, wha—–?!!!  How can that be and how odd is that?!  So now you have to be Christopher A, how clever, eh?  and the other guy can be Christopher B.  No no but my name is Christopher Lee!

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Now if you want to feel less special go look your name up on a social network like I did for my name today and found 500+ plus on the search alone on one site.  Yeah, so about that cool name you have, but ya might feel your personality sets you apart, probably that’ll do!

Thought you were special, but guess not – now how awful is that?!


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One Response to 983. When you thought your name was special

  1. vbrekkidd80 says:

    from what Scotty J told me, “There’s over 1.5 million Scotty’s tho : )”

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