946. Taking an extra surprise step in the snow

You can’t believe it!  It actually is snowing!  So you layer on 3 shirts, 2 pants, 2 thick socks, gloves, a scarf, glasses, a hoodie, boots, and a thick winter jacket!  Good to go!  So you get outside to enjoy the snow as in some areas like ours it’s just a rarity!  So you figure why not walk to 7-11 it’s open cause you know they are open all the time kinda like Walmart, it just never seems to close!

So as you take steps towards the sidewalk things to be doing well!  I got this down you think.  So you just hobble along the snow as best as you can – hey what can I say it’s better than shoveling it!  Anyhow, as you make your journey 2 short blocks to get some coffee you get to the cross walk.  You cross the street carefully not to make sure you slide off on some black ice so you then search for the curb and sidewalk.  Since the roads are rather covered in thick snow you make due with where you think the sidewalk might be located.  You continue to look a bit as the snow just flurries by your face not making any of this better.

Searching …


THERE! Found a spot, you jump on it a little bit, good continue the walk and then you take a step good …feels about safe and then you look over and notice the street lamp post is a bit close to your left isn’t the sidewalk to the left of it and as you turn your foot DROPS deep down a pocket of snow and sinks causing you to lose your footing and balance and topple in the snow.  Great!!!!  How nice!

Oh nice here comes a car, now how awful is that?!

947. When you go to a restaurant and they run of the item you want

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So you’re coming to the end of your meal and you’ve decided Pecan pie all the way, you know what scratch that, you want Double Fudge Mountain Surprise.  As you stare at the photo placard of the menu items the picture and description beckons you to eat faster.

A brownie mountain smothered with warm fudge drizzling on a decadent cloud of vanilla bean ice cream and a raspberry sauce caresses the sweet splendor of the surprise!

The waiter questions for dessert and you order.

Only to find out a minute or so later they have no more ice cream – bummer!

Now how awful is that?!

But a few minutes later the waiter returns and shares that they have rhubarb pie… no thanks!

948. When your favorite show finishes/gets canceled

Dear Faithful TV Viewer,

As you begin to sync your weekly routine you stop cleaning out your toilet like a Monk with The Cleaner because the show you enjoy is about to come on. As the World Turns trying to reach you (aunt Isabelle telling you about her Nip/Tuck, cousin Hank, and your Brothers) you just end up blocking calls or invites to hang out because the final season of Lost is about to premiere. I don’t care if your little sister wants you to play teatime and sit by her Dollhouse right now, a new episode of Dead Like Me* is on! It’s natural to enjoy a good TV series, it’s not like some form of science fiction like the 4400*! Right?! All shows eventually finish off and close out until they are Pushing Daisies. It’s just The Beautiful Life of television.

So just Sit down, shut up because the Ugly Betty of all shows have ended and will be finishing. Raising the Bar for other shows to make way from the Three Rivers of Eastwick TV studios to the Househusbands of Hollywood. I leave you in Solitary thought to enjoy the silence of these great shows.

Yours Truly
Jon and Kate Plus 8

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The letter was brought to you by the listing of shows finishing their final season and/or canceled in the 2009-2010 TV show season and TV.com. *Not included in the season

Thanks for a great season you will all be missed!

949. When you walk somewhere in a place and forgot why you walked there

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Such a busy busy day at home and work and while at the office you are the ruler of the day getting things accomplished and you are just achieving task after task!  Pile on the work because it’ll get done!! As you are multi tasking one thing after the other you sip on your Starbucks Grande Vanilla Chai Latte and walk towards the storage room and then stop and stand there looking around…now why did I come in here?!

Hmmm… can’t remember…. oh well back to your routine of the day and as you finally get home and as you are standing in the kitchen then it hits you!

Paper clips! PAPER clips…   PAPER CLIPS!!!Go to fullsize image

Now how awful is that to now remember hours later?!

950. When you get tagged in a bad photo

Thanks to Trippe Cook!

Why is it that people tag you in the absolute worst pictures of you?  and I am saying you in the general sense .. aka referring to me ha ha / I am going through now and doing it …it seems like half the pictures have me smoking and I don’t really smoke …and it is always like the worst drunk pics and I look like an alchy … ha ha this is what happens when you don’t take pics and just rely on others to tag you ha ha/ It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I ever actually looked at these pics ha ha

Now how awful awfully funny is that?

By the way Trippe I couldn’t help myself, but enjoy!

951. Walking down the sidewalk to the beat of a song, but off key

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So taking your leisurely walk down the block to jolt up your day.  You just finish uploading a fresh mix of songs to inspire your day and get the energy flowing. Nothing could go wrong for you this fine morning.

As you check the weather online

Pick out the cool workout attire

You set your shoes on and

Out the door for a good round or so.

Now as you cue up your music you start feeling the energy come alive and then you skip a song or two and it’s that song you wanted that gets you in the energy crazed mood.  You want to dance in the streets – but you can’t.  You want to sing out loud – but you have no voice.  So what do you do?

You walk to the beat of the music.  That’s right it’s all you!  You’re workin’ it.  Get it Get it!  You’re on fire!  That’s okay if the cars down the street see you doin’ your thing.  Cause it’s your song.  Own the moment.

Then you trip up badly on the sidewalk not noticing the uneven pavement.  Go to fullsize image

It’s okay…no one saw you until you hear

HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!!!

Saw that!

Now how awful is that?!

952. Remembering something to add to your cart while at the register

Submitted by Lindsey R:
Go to fullsize imageSo you finally get all of the things on your grocery list, plus a few extra “ooooo I want thats” and you settle yourself into the long line at checkout. After about twenty-five minutes you realize you are next and you begin placing your items on the counter. You think to yourself “sauer…kraut…..why did… See More I buy sauerkraut?” “Italian sausages…..oh crap, I forgot buns!!” If you are lucky enough to have someone with you, you can shout “RUN” and try to be as slow as possible unloading your items hoping that they make it back with the buns before you have to do the awkward ‘wait’ at the register (which we all know makes everyone in line so very happy). And if you are alone and have to go get the buns yourself…well, it’s back to the end of the line which has now doubled in length.
So by the time you stand there peeved at the process and look at the gossip
magazines in anger and end up buying 3 different issues and a pack of gum with some peculiar flavor like… 
Which will probably end up stuck on your shoe, but buy anyway.  Now how awful is that?!