977. Déjà vu

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You’re walking down the sidewalk and you pass by a sandwich shop and you  go inside and stop for a quick 15 seconds and think, wait, did I just go here?  Then your friends call you over and then start talking about a topic of interest that seemed like it happened just yesterday.  Is it coincidence or just déjà vu?

The phenomenon of  déjà vu oddly occurs in events such as these the similar locations, sounds, and sights, sounds, smells are reminiscent of a familiar time.  One that could have already occurred.

You can find it occurs in many items and events such as music artist reinventions, TV shows with spin offs and reboots, video games that are continually updated, movies with remakes and comebacks of 3D style, fashion with the in’s and out’s of trendy items, and most notably in history where events are mirrored to repeat itself.

So in all of these moments when you think it could have happened and it did it just might have, now how awful is that?


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