973. When you run a tear in your clothes

It’s a busy day in the office you have meetings lined up and you just have tons of things to do.  From on end of the office to the other, call after call, copy after copy – it’s quite a heavy work day.  Time for a lunch break.

As you set your things to the side you go off to your lunch with some co-workers, but oops you forgot your phone and as you reach over to grab the phone across the desk; your pants get torn by the corner of the filing cabinet.

Oh no not just a small rip, but a sizable tear in your leg, I can’t go around flashing thigh to everyone…now how awful is that?!

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974. When the lightbulb sparks when it goes out

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There is nothing scarier than the thought of being electrocuted, but what really happens to capture the frightening moment is whenever you go into a room or turn on a lamp and the bulb “sparks” for a quick second and shuts off.  Then there you are for a half moment in time thinking where you can find a lightbulb and so you have to go and find a bulb and replace it which is even worse at night.  Bulbs can be quite as tricky as batteries, so stock up!

Nothing but 80 watt bulbs in the house, guess I want to light up a restaurant cafe…how awful is that?!

975. When the door rings for no reason

So you’re kickin back at your place on the weekend watching a movie and just about when it’s about to get good.

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Ding Dong!

Who in the world could be stopping by (especially if no one has called) and as you look out the peephole you don’t see no one.  You open the door and look out no one’s there.

How nice ruin a great movie, now how awful is that?!

976. Awkward silence


Nothing beats the moment when you’re in a heated debate and you’ve exhausted all you can say and then there comes the moment of silence, no not the one after the pledge of allegiance.  The silence that has a pseudo creepy undertone of “what now”… no really what now?!  I don’t have anything else to say about this moment…




…….Awfully silent?!