968. That one piece of string that will not get sucked up by the vacuum

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As you are cleaning your house on your Saturday weekly spruce up ritual you get to the rabid cleansing task of vacuuming.  Not only to ignore the guests with loud suction noises that drone back and forth that you wish would end.

As you are passing your vacuüm along you come across a string from most likely your shirt or pant that fell off and it lays there lifeless on the mass sea of carpet.  As you pass over the vacuüm doesn’t seem to suck up the string.  You try again for another attempt.

Failed again.

So in an even bolder attempt to make sure that it gets picked up.  You bend down, pick up the string maneuver some so it sticks up, and proceed to pass the machine over it.  It works!

Then you realize that as you move into the next room as you vacuüm the string comes back out onto the carpet and lies there scraggily laughing at you.

Now how awful is that?!

A Vacuum Sunday by johnralston.


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