965. Having to excuse yourself out of a row of seats

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Whether it’s the movie theater, a stage play theater performance, in the airplane, or at a ballpark game.  Sitting in the middle of the row just isn’t the best friend when you have sat through half of a performance / show and then it just hits you out of nowhere – that bean burrito salad and that 1/2 gallon peach iced tea just comes a rumbling through.  You think you can muster enough patience and “hold it” until  the intermission.  But your body’s telling you another story.

So in a form of slight discretion you look both ways of the aisle and figure what will be the best exit strategy.  Figuring that sitting in the middle of the row will give you the best view until this happens.  So as you scoot through you oddly have to shuffle your self to either face the person so oddly squat and shuffle by so that way you’re not sitting in their lap.

Thankfully as make haste as your stomach’s churning by you see a few more people to excuse.  Trying not to fall over purses and large shoes, this is an acrobatic test of balance and respect.  Then as you make it just towards the end, you pass gas just a little to make a light toot noise.  Scurry away before they give you a horrid look!

Great and now I have to pass back through the row, how awful is that?!


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