959. Getting an itchy throat

Nothing is more fun when you have that lingering itch in the back of your throat after getting a dry throat and it just creeps on you.  That lingering itch and try as you might you stand in front of the mirror, AHHHHHHH!  Opening wide to see if you have something lodged in your throat.  At times it’s light and goes away and then at times it’s just deep and raging in your throat where you want to just put your finger inside and scratch it.  Then you have to resort to sucking in your throat and then for some reason your right ear begins to itch inside so like some crazed person you’re sucking in the air and digging in your ear and then you make some static noise in your throat hoping it would coax out the feeling.

No so here you are standing in line at the bank doing all of this forgetting you’re in public now everyone’s staring at you, now how awfully itchy is that?!

Neck: pharynx and larynx

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