956. Realizing when your clothes are a bit too tight

As you are getting ready to go out for one of the numerous functions (date, work, play) you go to your closet and put on a pair of jeans only to realize that the button is a little bit tough to tighten.  Then you think to yourself . o O (Did I do the laundry the other day?!  Maybe it’s just shrunk and snugged up a little!) as you convince yourself that could be the reason you suck in your stomach and try to relax only to then realize you still can’t manage to button it up still.  So you jump back lying on the bed sucking in your deepest and parying to the holiest of figures that it’ll fit this one time and sucking in your last breath the button finally comes together.

You stand in the mirror in disbelief and disgust and think geesh what happened to myself!  As you stand there and try to let out a little more air halfway breathing in and out you lower your hands. There! Got it!https://i2.wp.com/www.blogcdn.com/www.thatsfit.com/media/2007/04/jeans.jpg

As you put on your shirt and then prepare to put on your socks you then realize – oh great! Now I have zipper up the pants.  Now how awfully tight is that?!

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