955. Getting all your numbers called on a raffle ticket except

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as you sit there hoping they will call your number, c’mon 8, c’mon… 4

Great and just when you thought you could win that 32″ plasma HD Flat Panel LCD TV

Maybe I’ll have a chance at winning a year supply of diapers, oh well.  just when all the good prizes are gone now all the cheapy ones are left.

Awfully close?!


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12 Responses to 955. Getting all your numbers called on a raffle ticket except

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      Thank you very much for your commentary I will check out the Google search traffic idea that you gave me I started the Facebook page to start and has slowly grown, but I’m always looking for great random ideas around us when I joke around with friends, co-workers, and others on what ideas we can write about. Come back, share ideas, tell friends and others, and have a great day!

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      Wow! Thanks Gary! Iwill check it out this week, you know some of them come based on things that have happened to me or friends and we just sit and think “Really?! Did that just happen?” At times I look at Facebook because they have silly addition pages of annoying things that happen which inspired the 100% post. Now if you or your friends have one have them check it out and post it as a comment or FanMe on Facebook and post there! All in all thanks for the checkout!

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