949. When you walk somewhere in a place and forgot why you walked there

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Such a busy busy day at home and work and while at the office you are the ruler of the day getting things accomplished and you are just achieving task after task!  Pile on the work because it’ll get done!! As you are multi tasking one thing after the other you sip on your Starbucks Grande Vanilla Chai Latte and walk towards the storage room and then stop and stand there looking around…now why did I come in here?!

Hmmm… can’t remember…. oh well back to your routine of the day and as you finally get home and as you are standing in the kitchen then it hits you!

Paper clips! PAPER clips…   PAPER CLIPS!!!Go to fullsize image

Now how awful is that to now remember hours later?!


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2 Responses to 949. When you walk somewhere in a place and forgot why you walked there

  1. Really cool article. I think i have to agree mostly but there are still some stuff i don’t agree with you on this sorry.

    • vbrekkidd80 says:

      Thanks glad you enjoy it, although I’m sure not everything you would have to agree with, but continue to share your thoughts.

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