948. When your favorite show finishes/gets canceled

Dear Faithful TV Viewer,

As you begin to sync your weekly routine you stop cleaning out your toilet like a Monk with The Cleaner because the show you enjoy is about to come on. As the World Turns trying to reach you (aunt Isabelle telling you about her Nip/Tuck, cousin Hank, and your Brothers) you just end up blocking calls or invites to hang out because the final season of Lost is about to premiere. I don’t care if your little sister wants you to play teatime and sit by her Dollhouse right now, a new episode of Dead Like Me* is on! It’s natural to enjoy a good TV series, it’s not like some form of science fiction like the 4400*! Right?! All shows eventually finish off and close out until they are Pushing Daisies. It’s just The Beautiful Life of television.

So just Sit down, shut up because the Ugly Betty of all shows have ended and will be finishing. Raising the Bar for other shows to make way from the Three Rivers of Eastwick TV studios to the Househusbands of Hollywood. I leave you in Solitary thought to enjoy the silence of these great shows.

Yours Truly
Jon and Kate Plus 8

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The letter was brought to you by the listing of shows finishing their final season and/or canceled in the 2009-2010 TV show season and TV.com. *Not included in the season

Thanks for a great season you will all be missed!