945. Forgetting your password to a rarely used email account

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Well I am sure I spelled it this way right?

Nope? Wrong!


I swore that’s how it was spelled, I guess it does pay to check into the site and not have it memorized by my computer after auto login for 8 months.  Guess that’ll never do.  When you just can’t simply remember it doesn’t pay off to send the somewhat important mail inquiries to a lesser known account.

How awful is that…or at least I think I recall it being that way…?!


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2 Responses to 945. Forgetting your password to a rarely used email account

  1. maryrestaino says:

    To help combat this problem, I store my passwords and usernames on a document in my microsoft word. I just can’t remember all my usernames and passwords to every thing I sign up for.

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