943. Locking yourself out of car/home

 Go to fullsize imageIn a rush, who isn’t these days? Well nothing is just worse than being in a rush out of the door to realize you left your portfolio on your kitchen counter and the house keys in the change dish in your bedroom. Guess they’ll be no getting inside right now.

Even better is that none of your neighbors or home, your friend that has your spare is not answering their phone and that really important job interview you have is in an hour. It’ll be okay because you left the number to the company inside the portfolio.

Guess now would have been a great time to have invested in a credit card.

Flipping the story here…

You spend a great summer’s day at a theme park with your friends and you are returning back to the parking lot and when you get to your car you start reaching in your pocket to only find that you can’t find your keys…oh no…you freeze for a moment and think no wait it’s in my other pocket…feel around…nope. Oh boy! The deep sickening feeling is starting to settle where was I last with the key. At the restaurant where I had set them out hours ago to take my wallet out and get my Speed Line pass out of my pocket and check my cell.

As you check you jacket, tearing it off in worry you begin to panic and as you are standing there you start walking around wondering and panicking. You start looking in the car and don’t see the keys anywhere under the seats from what you can see., but there they are dangling nice waving at you.

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Did you hear that they are laughing at you?! Well better go find a hanger. AAA anyone?! Great, how awfully unnecessary is this? Hopefully unlocking an evening of waiting and failed attempts trying to get back in your car and/or home.

Go to fullsize imageSide story > alternate version: As the worry settles in more and your heart races you figure it’s best to start walking towards the Customer Aide Office. As you and your comrades starts walking over, one friend says what’s that shiny thing on the car, as you walk over it’s your keys. As you grab them and let out such a great sigh of relief and buy a clip to keep them clipped to your pants.

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