942. Blowing on a video game just to make it work

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Nothing’s more fun then going back through your old game systems and playing a few old classics on the Atari or NES and then having to mess around with the games just to get them to work.

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Featured to the right is one the versions of the Atari game system that had two controllers and came with a selection of simple video games like Pitfall (shown left) Pac Man, Donkey Kong (where Mario first appeared), Centipede, Chopper Command, Frogs & Flies, Asteroids, and many more favorites!

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Featured to the left the first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) released in 1985 that came with the Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt Game, Super <b>Mario</b> <b>Brothers</b>/Duck Hunt (shown right) two controllers, and a game gun.  As you can see in the upper left the Power and Reset button to the right the input plugs for the game controllers (lower left) and the game cartridge gate to close over the game to prevent meddling and dust.

You would either have to try a few of these popular methods to get your video games to work:

Go to fullsize image“Rubbing” the game inside the console:  You would take the top head or the indentation of the game as it slid into the NES and you would rub the groove of the cartridge back and forth until it would activate the game screen and then slowly let go of the game and be careful not to shut the cartridge gate too fast because if you did then you would have to restart the process!

Go to fullsize image“Doublestacking” the games: Sometimes you’d have to take one game and place it into the cartridge dock and to “hold the game down” you would have to insert a different game on top to hold the game and let go just so the game would be recognized.  You couldn’t shove it in there and then let go because it would sometimes not read it right away, this took a bit of practice just like the “rubbing” process (see above).

Cleaning and/or “Blowing” on the game cartridge: sometimes to clear the debris and dirt/dust build up you would have to clean it carefully with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol or just breathe on the bottom of the game for 1-3 seconds like a harmonica from one side to the other just to get it to work.

If all else fails…

“Tap” the game system on top or throw against the wall: just as it says it’s okay if it’s a lil defective a little vented frustration on the game system won’t hurt it at all!  Either the game will pick back up and work or you’ve just destroyed it!

Go to fullsize imageGood luck on your journey to antique gaming!

Now how awfully destroyed is that?!

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