940. Debating whether or not to get your phone

Thanks to Cote Jo:

“When you’re in bed almost asleep on a very cold night finally about to dream away and then you realize you left your cell phone, which is your personal alarm clock also, in your car.

You then debate with yourself [Screw the phone I’ll get myself up or crawl out of bed and retrieve the phone in the very cold?!]  You toss and you turn thinking you can get yourself up and you tell yourself you can do it.  Only 5 minutes later to think – nope can’t do it.  What if someone breaks into my car and steals my phone?  Or a squirrel climbs into my car and borrows it for his den?

The phone won since I knew I would wake up several times worried about not oversleeping!  So you get up reluctantly out of the bed find the right jacket and shoes to wear and trek across the lawn (or parking lot for apartment owners) to unlock the car and grab the phone.  Now I can’t sleep because  I am sooooooo cold!!”

Now how awful is that?!

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