933. When you dunk your cookie in milk and it breaks off

Go to fullsize imageNothing is anymore fun than taking a cookie like an oatmeal or Oreo and getting to dunk it in a cold glass of fresh milk.  Only the bad part is when you dunk the cookie for a few seconds that it begins to melt in between your fingers and fall off into the milk and make a soggy grave at the bottom of your cup.  As it falls it splashes into the cup causing the milk to splash in your face and all on the counter.  So the cookie must sit there and wait until you are done with your dunkfest.

Go to fullsize imageAs you finish the few extra cookies you drink the milk and the last cookie slowly sludges its way into your mouth all bloated and mushy.

Now how awfully tasty is that?!


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One Response to 933. When you dunk your cookie in milk and it breaks off

  1. A favorite past time of mine; dunking Oreos in milk. Sadly I don’t drink milk anymore and nor like sweets. But reading your post I was reminded of that exact taste of mushy cookie. 😛

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