931. Listening to everyone’s Valentine’s story the day after

Thanks to David P: There needs to be an Anti-Valentines Day!

whoa.jpgFor those single’s and heartbroken lovers you would believe that the last thing you would want to hear from people at work or out and about is about how amazing their lover’s day has been.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone should have a reason to be loved.

I just don’t think that some single people would want to listen to you about all the flowers you got, the dozens of chocolates you inhaled, and the whisked away by the moment vacations.  Can us non-valentine’s lovers just wallow for a few minutes only to smile and realize wait I just saved $150!  No gifts, no dinner, no bulky flowers to store at my house.  Wait a minute I guess it’s quite lovely after all!

Feb. 15th the newly dubbed Anti-Valentine’s Day!  Now how awfully lovely is that?!

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