928. When you get confused for a store employee

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So as you make your way through the aisles minding your own business you make your selections and start loading your hand basket/cart. As you reach for the cans of corn which are inconveniently placed on the lower shelf apparently three other cans drop off.  So as you bend down to put up the cans and place them on the shelf you see a pair of feet on your peripheral and you hear the words “Excuse me!

Go to fullsize imageAs you turn and look up and place the cans back on the shelf to then stand back up, the lady continues with, “I’m looking for dish detergent, can you tell me where that is?”  As you stand there aloof for a brief 2 seconds you map out the store in your head.  So then you reply, “Sorry I don’t work here but try aisle 12.”  Then you see the look of confusion and regret on the lady’s face as she apologizes and walks away thanking you.

Now how awful is that?!