926. Band-Aid Residue

Go to fullsize imageGet outside and play, you fearless leader of the day!  Take charge of your freedom and play –     the world is your playground and there are adventures to be had!  Jump, run, skip, and play!  Roll around a little in the grass, climb a tree, jump off a swing, and throw a few rocks.  The sense of skill and adventure are just awaiting for you to take charge of the elements!

Go to fullsize imageWhen you play hard as a kid getting hurt takes nothing of a fine cure of a rad cartoon band-aid.  Healed up sure, stop you from playing?!  Absolutely not! It is your war bandage of fearlessness!  You shower with it you sleep with it, like a cast you might even have friends sign it!

Forget to keep it on there a bit too long you peel it off and it is seared into your skin and now the sticky residue clings to dirt faster than a random string on the carpetIt just won’t go away!

Now how awfully fun is that?!

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