922. Supporting a Friend in Time of Loss

Grief, Sadness, and Sorrow – common signs of mourning a close related death or loss of a close friend and/or loved one.  Tonight I was struck by two pieces of news that just had me at a halt thinking why must this happen to us?  Need we suffer any more?

Go to fullsize imageFirst off I found out that my best friend has been in jail for over a month.  His roommate sent me a message telling me that he was caught up in a mixed charade of illegally downloaded material and now he is charged with up to serving 50 years in jail.  Although someone else was using his computer while he was in transition moving to a new location now he has to take the blame for someone else’s actions.

I just sat there stunned in reading this message.  I just did not know what to say anymore.  My heart just sank to think why must this person suffer like this.  Knowing that they didn’t do it but take the blame anyway?  What choice is that?  Unable to support the funds to get adequate legal representation there seems no other alternative.  So I await the pending news in random emails from the roommate in hopes that all is okay.

To add onto this deepened news a few minutes ago a close staff member of mine, now close friend has told me that she hasn’t been able to sleep the last few nights and hasn’t been to work.  She then tells me that her father is dying.  Again struck for words I could only wish her support in the upcoming loss and to be there to listen in her time of slow mourning and be a shoulder to cry upon.

Go to fullsize imageIt’s hard in either of these scenarios because you don’t just want to say “sorry” and it seem so bland and void of emotion.  yet how can you convey such stricken strife with words of encouragement when you know they are obviously torn inside?

These moments that strike us in the toughest of times only just leave us hurt and just bare within ourselves.

Now how awfully empty feeling is that?!

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  1. Justin Jenkins says:

    Heres Two Or One, People Who Stalk You And/or Cant Make up Their mind at a convienient time 🙂

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