920. Birthdays and aging a new decade

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So today  is my birthday, I turn 30.

What I found rather interesting within the week a lot of people asking me what am I going to do to celebrate what are my plans? Everyone just awaits to hear what you’ll do.  Yet when you ask if they’ll celebrate with you they’re all of a sudden busy or don’t have money.  For me a time playing a board game or watching a at home movie maybe even baking cookies is enough.

Yet when it comes to the thought when you exit your 20’s what is there to do?!?  How do you really celebrate 30? 40? or even 50?  Yay to being one year closer to death? Your early years like turning 1 and 5 and then your teens and 20’s come with great excitement you wait to be 15 to get your permit, sweet 16’s and the age to drive, 18 to be legal and no longer a minor, 21 to drink, and 25 to get lowered car insurance – but what’s after that?!  After 25 you start to notice time goes by faster and before you know it your 27, 29 and woah 30!

Well as one comes to an exit of the immature years now you become what I call are the SUPER 20’s it’s just a graduate version of that no longer defined as a person who is young and dumb but a bit more noble and respected for being a bit more aged.

Thank you to everyone for all of your birthday wishes via text, comments online, and cards.  Guess I can look forward to Aug 26 my new half birthday, a bench mark day to growing closer to another year coming closer to a close!  Now how awful is that?!


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