919: Making a purchase and the alarm goes off at the door


Those little sensors hidden within the electronic games, DVD’s, and CD’s that we buy – well let’s just say any major electronic device that is of immense value cannot be easily taken out of the store.  We think we hold in the clearing after we believe the demagnitizer desensitizes the magnet in the product.  We take our purchase and make way leisurely towards the door and then the alarm goes off.

Then here comes everyone in the store looking at you and the other people walking out of the store looking back as you pause to look at your bag and then have to hand the staff at the doorway your receipt of purchase.  No it’s okay take an extra 5 more minutes to stroll over to an available register and try it again.  As you thank the employee you walk back over and it sets the alarm sensor back off.

The employees laughs and says go on through.  Well gee if it were that simple – hmmm…. Thank you for stalling all that time out of my life!  Now how awful is that?!