917. The frozen part in the middle of a toaster’s strudle

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Breakfast has always been claimed the champion way to start your day, which is true.  One should always find something to at least fill their tummies with a light meal or even a snack to just get the stomach pumped and the mind geared for the day.

Apart from my favorite cereal in the world Frosted Flakes, th 2nd best would have to be in the frozen pastry delight that is called Toaster’s Strudel.  Now how international is the delight – I don’t care but the cherry, apple and cinnamon, strawberry, and blueberry among a few other flavors always sweetens my morning.

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Just pop one in the toaster and viola – right?!  Well not so easy… these delights take a few minutes – heck a good 10 minutes to just heat to perfection.

If you aren’t right you’ll get a multiple choice test of results:

a) cinged burnt edges

b)hot middle filling, cold edges

c) not even barely heated

d) the frozen center, hot edges – my daily dilemma!

e) all of the above

For some reason as I peer on the counter watch it “pop” magically out of the toaster I can’t wait but to take the gooey pastry warm in my fingers and bite in.  Awaiting for me frozen shards of cubed fruit filling – ughhh mmmmmm….

Now how awfully frozen is that?!


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