915: New & Improved & Made with Real Fruit Products

As I was off to buy a quick bag of sugar for my bland coffee in the morning, I walked past a few aisles and figured why not check out the cereals, because oatmeal can be only oh so delicious after a few days of the goulashlike mixture.

Wild! Grape Pop-TartsI paroozed the gallery of cereals and see some cereals that claim to be “New & Improved!”  now 20% more!  Then as I go towards the end of the aisles my favorite quicksnack Poptarts with the ever so delicious return of grape!!!!!  Oh how I missed grape!!!! They had it before but like most premiered products drifted away and now has returned better than ever now “Made with Real Fruit!

Now with all these advertising gimmicks I ask to you “New & Improved” if it’s the same cereal how is it new?  and If you add only a new design marshmallow to “Charm” us it really improved?  Let alone the snacks that are “Made with Real Fruit” what were in you in the first place?!  Dare I ask?!

Now how awfully misleading is that?!


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