902: Bad plate timing

So a friend and I were eating at a restaurant tonight that just opened in the new Peninsula Town Center.  Being it’s the weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s we figure not to go to a Pub since it would be crawling with people hollering “Woo hoo!” and turning green with beer in their hands.


We opt to try a new restaurant in the area which will name unnamed for the time being.  We wait for a few minutes and Go to fullsize imageadmire the decor in the lobby.  As we wait we finally are seated and then we order our food.  We notice that menu that is offered to us is not the actual menu but a sample menu before the main one gets premiered “soon” whenever that will be.  With only about 8 entrée items to pick from we choose the least likely of what looks not to be too extreme of a choice.

As we are waiting, one of the wait staff asks us if we have bread not even taking into account that there is obviously no bread on the table and hands us a basket of bread and a plate with purple cabbage, olives in various shades of green and two small slices of mild cheese.  The olive/cheese plate was very out of sort as my best friend and I looked at each other as to what to do with this plate so we tried the olive and ate the cheese.  Then the bread basket had a plastic sleeve like cracker “bread sticks” in there and no butter to be found for the bread.

Go to fullsize imageThe bread, house salad, and main entrée came out nearly seconds apart.  We hardly had time to even set up our salads on the salad plate before we even got to even then read for the bread now having to make space for the entrée.  All in all making this just a rushed hands all over attempt to enjoy this meal.  Now with the final breath we looked and waited to make sure that nothing else was going to come out to us then we began to eat.

Now how awful bad timing is that?!


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