898: Items that are Misplaced in the Clearance Bin


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60% off, BOGO sale, Sale of the century!  No matter if it’s the liquidation sale and if the building is on fire sale, stores are always out to find the quickest buck and get you out to buy their products.  But nothing beats the feeling of finding a good sale.  Especially on a hard-to-find unique item.  So you check it out, look at it try it on if you have to, or you might just hide it way way way below the sale bin in hopes no one can find it.  That way you can go home get the extra stash money you have to get the item.  

Now that you got this one-of-a-kind sale item you happily walk it over to the counter.  and the cashier rings up the products and as you get to your sale item you watch the register as it magically displays the sale item.  To your astonishment the item was not for sale.  You claim that you found the item in the clearance section, a price check is done and it’s found that it was placed there by accident…

Yeah now how awfully misleading is that?!


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