895: That Hard to Cut Plastic Packaging

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So tonight I got out of my car and was about to walk into Walmart and decided to pull out my mp3 player and put on the brand new headphones I just bought in them and just walk around the store to shop and jam out to some music.  Well I went to the back of my car lifted the hatch, taking out the package of the headphones (as shown to the left).  I started to look for the easiest way to open like the little perforated tab section to peel open.  Nope there was none!

I realized that I had placed my scissors that I normally leave in the car in my house.  So I had to go MacGuyver on the package using a click pen to poke a hole in it and like a colander and then try to create a larger hole.  To little success I was able to poke a small hole open.  The inside of the headphones  hardly pulled out causing me with all my strength (so it felt) to pull out the headphones.  I was at a point of using my teeth. I tried tearing and pulling back and forth a little to some of the inside packaging finally pulled through!

It took nearly 5 minutes to get the darn inside out of the hard plastic packaging!  Then when I was done I got a cut on my thumb from the sharp plastic edge!  Now how awfully time-consuming is that?!


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