894: Medications with More Side Effects than Benefits

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One would think that with the recent approval about to close on the national health care plan for everyone to be insured you’d think they would have a firm handle on drugs.  The medication commercials seems to frighten me more than what I’d hope it could do.  I can attest that every time I see one of the commercials I just tend to glare off the TV so I can think when the show will come on because I don’t think I’d care to listen to 14 side effects some that after hearing I think “why bother?”.

The best thing to do with friends is when a commercial such as  that comes on is to guess what possible side effects the new-found miracle drug will have.  Suicidal thoughts, diarrhea, itchy blotchy skin – oh run to the doctor and sign me up!  Now how awful* is that?!

* Please be aware that this blog may cause bloating, irritable bowels, red skin, may not be suitable for adults over the age of 40, can intensify appetites, and have slight nerve damage.  If you experience one or more of these reactions.  Stop reading this blog and comment below!

Enjoy one of the New Medicine Videos below!

* Sucofucolox: the side-effect medication


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