890: Maintaining you freshly clean car

Thanks to Thomas C:

“When you go through the automatic car wash, and to get out the ONLY exit, om a bright sunny day none-the-less, you need to splash though a mud puddle.”

Continuing points to consider…

Go to fullsize imageBirdie Birdie: The when you get 1/2 a mile down the road a seagull leaves a present on your windshield. It’s small so you decide to use your windshield wiper fluid but instead of cleanly washing it off it smears all across the windshield making it worse than before and partially obstructing your view.  Now you have to move your head around it.

Go to fullsize imageStep Off: everyone has that friend steps into your newly vacuumed car with rocks/pebbles/sand and the mud of a 1000 funks finely plopped into the floor mats in your car. Then as they comfortably sit down you look at them in shock.  They notice the offside look and return to look at you like nothing’s wrong when you give them the death glare.

A sprinkle of sunshine: you park your car in the lot and after an hour of so of shopping you come back to see your car lightly dusted with a fresh coat of pollen, welcome the spring time!

Splish Splash: as if your car couldn’t sparkle any longer it begins to rain and hail now some 15 minutes later!

Go to fullsize imageChuck and Duck: As you are sitting at a red light waiting for the light to change cycles you notice the car next to you with its darkly tinted windows  you try to figure out who’s in there.  A few seconds later the window opens and a hand reaches out and dumps their slurpee or caramelized soft drink out the window and it splashes on the side of your car.  The window rolls back up and the car dashes off.  BEEEEEEP!! Oh the light was green and you take off in your sticky car.



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