886: Bad Holiday Photos with the Easter Bunny

Inspired by  “50 of the World’s Worst Easter Bunnies” post from Colt Monday

Widget_angp1g7nvi-7hyqxc2yvdjOh how I love the spring holiday when allergies begin to flair, watery eyes, itchy skin, and best of all Easter! The next few posts will be in honor of the upcoming holiday to which I always enjoy!  Let’s start with that giant white furry mascot the Easter Bunny!  Nothing is more scarier to any infant, toddler, or child under the age of 9 than an oversized bunny with a permanent smile and giant eyes waving at you!

The bunny is always excited and eager to make sure you have an egg-celent time.  Parents from all the corners of the Earth go and get their children dressed up to take pictures and stand in line hours on end to pay an overpriced photo of a giant bunny and your child probably holding a plastic egg or looking aloft in the distance with a fake butterfly on their finger and a doey eyes wonder as the bunny creepily waves!

As you can see on the post above from Colt Monday those are some wicked bunnies! At least we can be thankful that Frank from Donnie Darko isn’t there waiting for us to travel through a wormhole to Easterland for the special egg hunt, now how awful is that!



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  1. Merry says:

    Hi , Happy Easter 2010!

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