885: Poorly Decorated Easter Baskets

Go to fullsize imageNothing is more fun than getting an Easter Basket filled with sweet surprises and joyness, but when you come to opening up the basket and you look inside and think what is this?!  Here are top ten things not to put in your child’s Easter basket:

Go to fullsize image10. Stickers: sometimes they never make it on the egg!

Go to fullsize image 9. Pre Eaten Candy: just takes half the fun away.Go to fullsize image 8. Edible Easter Grass: we teach kids not to eat grass!

Go to fullsize image 7. Actual Bird Eggs: let’s not confuse these w/candy

Go to fullsize image 6. Odd Easter bunny toy: yeah back in the toy box

Go to fullsize image 5. Bad Easter Sweater: really, who wears that?!

Go to fullsize image 4. Laundry Baskets: will never be an Easter basket!

Go to fullsize image 3. Woven bunny handbags: just a plain no no…Go to fullsize image2. Spiced Jelly Beans: are just plain gross!

Go  to fullsize image 1. Sexually suggestive candy: enough said.

So just keep these in mind f you are putting together a basket of your own for this Easter holiday!  Just awful ideas!

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