883: Pouring a bowl of cereal only to realize you have no milk

Thanks to Brandon E:

Got the midnight snack munchies?!

You wake up in the middle of the night and think what would really satisfy your hunger pangs and just settle it over till you have to wake up?


You moozy on over to the kitchen pick out the cereal (my fav Frosted Flakes) and you our out a great big bowl of cereal.  As you’re halfway awake you close back the cereal box and put it back in the cupboard.  As you go over to the fridge you stop, turn, and get a spoon.  You turn back and reach for the milk you stare.  No milk!

Huh?  You close the door and think to yourself maybe the light was too bright as you were squinting to find the container – you reopen the fridge door, oh no the milk container was behind the OJ.  You lift up the container and it nearly flies off the shelf.  Huh…that’s funny.  As you open up the spout and give it a sniff – yup fresh – you turn the container to pour…

Go to fullsize imagea drop of milk comes out! No milk, really..no milk.  Apparently it was a novel idea to drink the milk and leave the milk container in there empty – thanks roomie!  Now how awful is that when they wake up to find the empty container sitting at their nightstand in the morning!


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