873: People who want to do nothing to save the Earth

Go to fullsize imageHappy Earth Day one and all the day where we go GREEN of trying to figure out all the messages on the ways to conserve and save the Earth.  Do not get me wrong I’m all for recycling but conservation videos, glacial melting, and practically scaring me about the world ending in 2012 well that’s no fun.

Even the Garbage Pail Kid’s cry out in mercy to save the Earth, I got it.. but View Imagewhat ticks me further is when people who blatantly just trash the environment for no reason.  Leaving bathroom stalls will toilet paper on the floor, toss out empty cans of soda at the park, and flick cigarette butts out of the ir car windows littering the roadway medians.

So instead of standing there making the situation worse I think that the road way clean ups, adopt a spots, and tending to homegrown gardens are only great ways to tend to the land and return the humanity of nature from what we stole to build our homes -offices- and play spaces.  Build together and grow a greener Earth.

Why does it matter – Earth Day? Read top opinions reasons here.

Awfully a shame not to help the Earth…


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