871: Getting an assignment back with tons of marks and comments on it

Go to fullsize imageAs you are continuing your next project, you get your comprehensive report returned to you.  While you’re in school, your essay on the prose of Emily Dickinson returns.  Either project returned to you with a grimace of a smile and face down on your desk.  As you reach for the paper you turn it over moreso to read the comments and markings on the paoer paper.  As you look you notice that these papers have more arrows, grammatical corrections, and side bar question and comments than a 2nd grader’s attempt at a book report.  You strive to follow the remarks, but you can’t seem to get past the red pen – do you think that attributes to the reason why peope people don’t like writing?  Is it a power thign thing with the red ink? 

All in all at least a scratch and sniff sticker (good idea I’ll remember that for next time) on the paper wouldat least cheer up the mood.  Back to the drawing board, better get back to the corrections…awfuly awfully in need of help! <— What kind of help do you need?! Please see me!


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