870: Those open spaces in the bathroom stall doors

Nothing is quite uncomfortable than using a public restroom but what makes the situation a little bit unrelenting is when you’re at the work office and well you take part in doing your business and the stall doors seem to have that little crack in the door.

Unlike some stalls that have the fortress of solitude that seal you in with 4 locks a laser and shield protection from the troll of nosiness this stall just leaves a little less to be desired than you’d like.  As you hurry yourself along just hope you don’t have the toots because it just seems to echo down the hall beckoning others to listen or cringe.  You hear the door to the rest room open oh my a co-worker strolls in.  They acknowledge presence with a cough and well takes pride in their hand washing.

Go to fullsize imageThey pass by and stop outside the door and call out your name, “Is that you in there, by the way the meeting is pushed back to 2!”  Thanks, because it isn’t odd enough you can see me in here as if I’m storing away walnut clusters.

Just awfully sneaky, don’t you think?!


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