868: People who talk to you after being on hiatus for 3 or so months

Go to fullsize imageI think what baffles me the most is when people who talk to you on a daily basis and go what I call “ghost” on you.  They go on hiatus and disappear and stop talking to you.  Then conveniently start talking to you some month after the delay.  Then go away from talking then return 2-3 months after.

Go to  fullsize imageBy that point I begin to not really care much with what they have to say, but merely end up mindlessly entertaining myself with half-interested conversation.  Those people usually target their conversation with some mid-life or momentary crisis or excitement that somehow has to lead you into what are they talking about.  You know that your interest is near vacant but out of curiosity they ask and really their worries are purely lackluster.

Not that I have no empathy for them, but when someone you once had some sizable interest in drops in when it’s most convenient for them it just is moot o even entertain them.  You’re left with thinking why have I even talked to them and you feel :|, awfully drained.


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