867: Having no PC net access

Go to fullsize imageFor those who have checked in and thought, what?! When?! Where did he go, why is there no more additions to this page well this “awful” point just counts towards the reason in stall.  As my PC is getting fixed it’s quite a hassle to go to find time to borrow someone’s computer and well.  Without having the net to access a computer well it brings me back to days before 1998 where there was no internet.  Running outside playing, inviting friends over to play NES or a board game, or actually having to hand write a letter rather than typing it up on the typewriter or on the desktop. 

No one to chat with and well you just have to text or just call a friend.  Just easier to keep up with a quick message here and there on Facebook, but I guess that what happens when you get spoiled with technology, just a bummer.  Well as it has been over 2 weeks since I’ll find out by the end of the week when I’ll get my PC back until then I’ll mindlessly entertain myself with movies, going outside, or listening to music and reading.  Oh the good ‘ol days, I think?!

Awfully quiet.


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