865. Bullying

Growing up no one wants to be ridiculed or made fun of.  Who wants to have to worry about what they wear, how they act around certain people, or be judged for who they like?  Everyday in schools across America bullying occurs in the hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, locker rooms, and busses.  From the day we leave the home to the time we return there is not one moment we are not judged or picked on for what we like.

When is enough a enough?!  Just this week I saw three incidents occur just in bullying alone:

* Outrage, remorse after Rutgers student’s death

Parent’s in Seth Walsh’s Community Meet to End Bullying

*Boy Fights Bully for the Right to Cheer

help stop the tormenting and the name calling.  Don’t be a victim turn aggressor or just see something and not act on it.  Stand up and take charge, it’s time to “give a damn” and say no to bullies forever.  Help, give a damn by checking out the site here or the facebook page here.

Help prevent an awful cause of harassment and be a part of the solution!


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