864. That extra “surprise” that’s inside of your new shoes

You just bought a brand new pair of shoes and you’re just ready to go out for the night!  Nothing is more exciting than stepping into a brand new pair of shoes fresh from the box and stepping into them and taking your first few steps to get a feel of them.

Black & White Vans Shoe CakeAfter a night out on the town and heavy partying you wake up the next day with some soreness on your feet.  No you don’t have any bunions or bruises on your feet.  You check for any unrecognizable scratches, no…hmm…. don’t see any.You inspect the shoes again and don’t seem to find anything until you set them back down and there it is. 

What is it?!

You know, that little culprit hanging in the breeze waving at you…that’s it…the little end of the tissue paper that get’s pushed in and stuck at the deepest crevices on the inside of the shoe!  Now how did that get all the way down there you swore you took it all out, but guess not.  Isn’t that just a special surprise, now how awful is that?!


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