861: Boarding/Deboarding a Plane

Ticket in hand and anxiously awaiting you stand there as the airline staff announce that your flight is ready to board.  Nothing calls to excitement more than traveling on vacation.  But taking a flight seems to be the most daunting tasks, here are a few points of the flight that add to the blunder of traveling the so-called friendly skies:

* Arriving & Being picked up at the airport: Heaven forbid you get dropped off or picked since those airport security are quick to blow a whistle at you to tell you to hurry up and move your car if you’re there more than 1 minute.  You might as well pop open the trunk, have your guest that you’re picking up toss it in as you driveby with the door open and hop in.  That way you can run back there and slam the trunk closed. Coming or going it’s just a race to find a space curbside to safely have them pass to drop off. 

* Getting your (e) ticket and registering your bags: if you’ve decided, you’ve probably opted for checking in with the touch screen and only have a carry on then, but  you might not be aware you don’t have to pay the service fee if you’re carrying in a bag of your own.  Woops! Aldo be aware of  the fact that the bag can’t be bigger than a clutch and weigh over what seems to be 15 pounds.

Go to fullsize image* Finding your seat:  28A needless to say that the signage is always off askew a little while getting on the plane because it looks like it’s labeled a row before or a row after the seat you’re directly assigned.  You sit there, store your luggage comfortably, and then come to find out someone else has your seat and you’ve been sitting in the wrong row for 5 minutes.  They gave you the stare and the look at their ticket and then confusion to the row signage and then back to the ticket, and finishing up with the “Ummm, I think you’re in my seat…”

Go to fullsize image* Snacks, Turbulence, & Tiny Toilets:  Don’t come expecting a TV tray dinner of chicken with seasoned chicken with roasted potatoes in baby bell pepper sauce.  Those days are long gone as shown on the right.  If you do get a flight fortunate enough to have one (now international ones) they tend to be dry and chewy.  Otherwise good luck if you even get a bag of pretzels and a full can soda!  It then comes a bit uneasy when the pilot forewarns about a “light patch” of air and the bumps and jumps ends up being jolts and drops and you feel more concerned if the passage will take full throttle.  I’m sure after that a bathroom call will come into play but don’t get relaxed.  The space is so tight that it’s like using a dollhouse restroom.

* Getting off the plane:  You’ve landed and it seems as if most people have already unlatched their seatbelts, made 3 calls talking loudly to their spouses and family, and are almost halfway up out of their seat.  The best part is watching how everyone grabs their bags and stands there looming over the line staggering to side to find the hold up to get a measly smirk from their staff.  Worse yet is when you get stuck in your row because you decided to sit by the window and have to crouch under someone’s arm to get out because they’re busy wrestling out their bags. 

The experience is over and you’re safely home, take to take landing at home or enjoy your luxurious vacation.  How awful a flight may be with limitless bounds on a journey to wherever.  Have a safe flight and thank you for choosing to read our blog!

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