854: Holiday Party Attire

Tis the season when everyone wants to crack out the old fruitcake and eggnog, so as you line up your invitations from your family party to your work party, what should you wear?!

Choices choices, but here are 3 not stray far away from:

1. Matching holiday sweaters:  sure holiday sweaters are odd and fun, but must you both humiliate yourselves to look like you came from the dark side of an elf’s closet?!  Well yeah you should that way we have visual entertainment to look at while we’re livening it up with punch and cookies!

2. Metallic glittery clothing:  The metallic shimmer is nice unless you want to signal in a plane at your local international airport, but if your clothes shed sparkles no one wants to look like they’ll lead the way on Santa’s sleigh!

3. Festive slippers/hats: seriously?!  They are more annoying because you laugh for a minute at how cute they are but when the person has to turn on their “Wish you a merry christmas” jingle bell hat 1 more time they’ll get beat with a yule log!

Have fun dressing up at your party and have an absurd time with your family and friends this winter holiday!

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